Angel A

I am real but with no existence.

I just sing what I sing.

I don’t have great techniques, nor do I have a splendid tone color.

I am versatile.

My partners and I create music that deserves your attention.

If you found my music, that’s great! You are on the way to more surprises ahead.










#metaversesinger #metaverse #AngelA

Give Me all your light credits: Composer:WG Lyricist:WG
Producer/ Arranger : WAVE G Mixing Engineer: Matty Harris Mastering Engineer: Matty Harris/ WAVE G

Find Solution credits: Composer:WG Lyricist:Gloria Brie
Producer/ Arranger : WAVE G Mixing Engineer: WAVE G Mastering Engineer: WAVE G

Morse Code credits: Composer:Angel A / WG Lyricist:Angel A
Producer/ Arranger : WAVE G / Angel A Mixing Engineer: Stace James Mastering Engineer: WAVE G


Vibrant, sharp, electric instrumental that fits perfectly with the pop song vibe. Great song for & in movies & shows for pre-teen & teen demographic. Cute, spunky & simple lyrics from an artist with a playful, pleasant voice. The chorus itself is just as exuberant as the singer. The ending music after 3 minutes is sparkly & inviting.

The song length of this song is perfect. The beat is decent at best. This singer has a nice voice. Her vocals are also great as well. I get Katy Perry type vibes listening to this song. Overall, this is a pretty good song to listen to.

I liked the electronic/ futuristic beginning of the song. I also really liked the vocals and the lyrics. Personally, I like more fluency in the songs rather than sudden stops but it is not necessarily a flaw of the song for everyone. The chorus was what I liked the most.

This song i very good, it give me a steven universe vibe to it. I recommend it to many people and they should listen to it. I would for sure add this to my playlist I have no words for how good of a song this is.

The song had an interesting introduction. I liked how the singer timed their singing with the music. The singer had a nice voice. The music made me think of a futuristic cartoon like Futurama. I liked when “shining" was sung slowly and to a high note.

The track has a lot of interesting synthesizer tones. The vocal harmony style remind me a bit of Michael Jackson. The singing is good and it has an interesting melody. The arrangement stops and starts a bit too often. The lyric writing is alright. The mix is burying the vocal at times.

Loved this one! Very modern pop sound!! Rhythm was great…very memorable. The background sound was fantastic. Production on this was amazing! All the necessary qualities to make this a hit were in this piece. I think it could very well be a huge hit! Loved it!!

The instrumentals of the song are good, I like the rhythm and the shifts. The ending needs work as its repetitive, especially the fade out. The lyrics are in my opinion too feel-goody, I think something more mysterious would fit it better and improve the song’s commercial potential.

Interesting sound from the begining of the song. I really love this due to a great package of lyrics, music, musical quality. This artist definitely unique in sounding. There is a great mood throughout the song. The composer did great job and would like to hear more from this artist.

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