About Melodic Days

WAVE G started arranging for C-Pop music in 2003 and founded “Love Century Media" (LCM) in 2012.

At the end of 2021, LCM’s music business has been merged into “Melodic Days Entertainment", dedicating to music production and virtual content development.

In 2003 work began to engage in Mandarin popular music, more than a decade has witnessed the rise of the music industry.

In 2003 work you can hear our works on included : Jolin TsaiA-LinJam HsiaoDavid TaoShow LoEvan YoRainie YangVictor Wong Pin KuanJimmy Lin Yu ChunDellaAngela ChangChristine FanClaire KuoKimiAska YangRicky Hsiao ‘s albums and TV Shows.

In 2012 we tried to find some possibilities for music and video to blend, to try to make music micro-movies, to write short scripts, to shoot MVs, to pick out young people in college who wanted to aspire to be actors and singers, and to make a prelude to their acting careers. Fortunately so far we still see their strong intentions and really want to work hard in this circle. This is the most gratifying thing we feel.

As music workers, it’s best to continue to enhance the value of our brand and constantly challenge new things in the midst of a happy music feast.

The future, we choose the significant matters greatly help promote the continued attention and follow in the footsteps of predecessors learning for the next generation of creative people have a dream of music to cheer drama, and music industry remain optimistic expectations, forever hold an optimistic attitude to face. I believe that one day we all aspire Melody will eventually always be there.



身為音樂工作者的我們,一直在思考什麼是可以留住的?什麼是值得我們用雙手去建構推動與執行的? 對我們來說,在為大家帶來愉快的音樂饗宴之中,不斷地提升我們品牌價值並持續挑戰新的事物,都是最美好的事。


Producer / Songwriter / lyricsist/ Arranger

創始人(Founder) :
Eric Hsieh 謝景麒 aka WAVE G

創始人 : Eric Hsieh 謝景麒

Producer / Songwriter / lyricsist

共同創始人 (Co-Founder): Maggie Chiang 江曉音

共同創始人 : Maggie Chiang 江曉音

Let’s build DREAMS together.

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