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音樂製作 / 詞曲創作 / 音樂編曲 / 影視配樂

Music Production / Songwriting / Music arrangement / Film soundtrack


In depth interview

WAVE G與Maggie Chiang 這兩位聯合創辦#愛世紀聲像 #LoveCenturyMedia 在這些年的時間,經營了音樂幕後人物、演員、品牌設計師等等的深度專訪。目的是傳達娛樂產業與音樂產業不為人知的辛苦之處與品牌經營的價值與精彩的內容分享。

During these years, WAVE G and Maggie Chiang have conducted in-depth interviews with people behind the music scene, actors, brand designers, etc. The purpose is to convey the unknown hardships of the entertainment industry and the music industry and the value of brand management and wonderful content sharing.


Independent music brand production


We want to open up the music road for independent musicians and appreciate their insistence on music. We used to select the bright stars in the future to become the stars, issue digital singles, and select suitable student actors from the University’s professional classes to audition, open their way to actors, and complete the shooting of our independent micro film. The prototype of exclusive LCM music image brand is also gradually developing Gradually.

影像作品 / 音樂影像作品 / 劇本撰寫

Video works / music video works / script writing




Music and image are closely related.

After finishing the music, we thought that the relationship between the two is inseparable. For music, the arrangement of music is to help the lyrics and music put on beautiful and appropriate clothes, and can also give the meaning of the video story, making the interpretation of the whole in emotion more complete. Therefore, it is of great value for us to combine the script of the story, music, video shooting and post editing to convey our value to human beings and the need for step-by-step implementation and steady progress in our dreams.
In the future, the content and operation direction of our service will be adjusted.


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